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Lead Generation Appointment Setting For Financial Advisors & Brokers

We are Australia’s

ONLY Pay Per Lead &

Appointment Setting Calling Solution,

dedicated to the

Financial Services Sector.

Financial Services and Investment Property Only

We only serve financial advisors and investment property advisors, finance brokers,
that is all we do.

Pay Per Lead Calling

We only make calls to high quality leads that we generate in-house,
which ensures the best quality return on investment.

16 Years Financial Services Experience

We are trained within your industry, and have been setting appointments
for financial advisors and property advisors for 16 years.

From Lead, To Call, To Appointment

We do it all. We tailor a social media campaign to procure high quality leads,
we call them seeking appointments, confirm appointments and handle rebooks.

Pay Per Lead Generation

For Financial Advisors & Brokers

Pay Per Lead

Guaranteed volume – we have a solid lead generation formula that allows us to guarantee

lead volume on a pay per lead basis. Which means you know what you are going to get.

Financial Planning Leads

Wealth Creation, Tax Minimisation, Cash Flow, Risk, Investments –

This is a wholistic financial services lead which can be angled to your specific sweet spot.

Superannuation Consolidation Review Leads

Super consolidation review leads, flexible available super balances,

possible risk component reviews inside super.

SMSF Leads (Equities/ETFs/Shares)

Self Managed Super Fund leads for Equities investments. We reach out to people with minimum

available super balances to setup (or with existing) SMSF accounts for Equities.

SMSF Leads (Investment Property)

Self Managed Super Fund leads for Investment Property acquisitions. We reach out to people with

minimum available super balances to setup (or with existing) SMSF accounts for Investment Properties.

Investment Property Leads

Pay Off Their Mortgage Faster, Reduce Their Tax,

Create Passive Income for them, and they will love you for life.

Commercial Finance Leads

High converting Asset Finance Leads, Equipment Finance leads,

Chattel Mortgage Leads, Working Capital Finance Leads.

Residential Mortgage Refinance Leads

If they pay too much on their Mortgage,

its a bit of a no brainer that a Refinance will save them money.

We target individuals that want to reduce their Mortgage with Refinance.

Commercial Loan Leads

Any style Commercial Loan leads.

Small unsecured loans up to larger commercial lending,

chattel mortgages, whatever your need we can cater to it.

B2B Accounting Leads

Any style B2B Accounting lead, including emergency accounting,

large business accounting, SMS accounting.

Consistent Return On Investment Focus

Your Success IS Our Success

We only see a win for our business when our clients achieve

consistent return on investment.

That is the only thing that drives us forward.

Our whole process is geared toward return on investment,

which means sales not just appointments.

Proven Formula Driven

We have a strategic formula that has been shaped over years

of trial and perfection. We have one goal in mind and every aspect

of our proven system is evolving toward your continued success.

Client First Retention Rate

We boast a very high client retention rate because:

  1. We only take on clients that we know can succeed.
  2. We only take on campaigns with sufficient budget for success.
  3. We only call the leads that we generate on social media.
  4. We only produce high quality leads with consistent closing rates.
  5. We tailor the experience to your unique identity and needs.

We Don’t Just Sell Leads & Appointment Setting

We create a structure you can lean into, so you don’t have to lean on prospects.

We take responsibility for every step in the process.

We are about close communication, clear intention, masterful prospect engagement,

and shaping the whole campaign process from lead, to call, to meeting and sale.

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