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Appointment Setter

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Appointment Setter is an outbound business to business telemarketing company. We perform:

Business to Business Telemarketing – Business to Consumer Telemarketing – Appointment Setting – Telesales – Lead Generation – ‘Call to Action’ Campaigns

Appointment Setter has grown rapidly from the outset with little to no marketing of our services.  Our clients just love what we do, and we love our clients – that’s just how we roll.  Integrity, heart, passion, and results are all strong keywords in the Appointment Setter essence.

Appointment Setter is an Australian family owned and run business. We have over 12 years experience in Advertising Production; Telemarketing; Appointment Setting; Telesales; Lead Sourcing; Script Writing, and Telemarketing Training and Team Management.  Our clients choose us for our business acumen, drive and ability to secure results on a consistent basis.


All Appointment Setter clients have a few things in common…  They love what we do for their businesses.

They come to us because they value what we do, and they value heart based business relationships.

Appointment Setter has experience and clients in almost every industry: – Finance; Online Marketing (SEO); Mining Services; Sales Training; Technical Services; Equipment Sales; Mergers & Acquisitions; Software; Entertainment; Hospitality; Web Design; Import/Export; Stress Management; Sponsorship; and many more…

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