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Appointment Setters

appointment setters

Appointment Setters

There are all kinds of people in this world. We are all united by the human experience, but we all function differently when it comes to interacting with our fellow mankind.

Appointment setters are a unique breed. They are like relationship engineers. Appointment setters have a very defined role, and the process is really quite simple. It is the complexity of the psycho-dynamics at play, in an appointment setting call, that make the process as intricate as it is.

Our appointment setters have been chosen for their personality profiles. There are some people in life that have the gift of meeting people, and that is the glue that holds the appointment setting call together.

Well trained and talented appointment setters have a particular empathy that makes them an asset to the prospect. When they place a call to a prospect they work with positive energy, and an understanding of the needs of both the client and the prospective new customer.

Most people have cold call anxiety, to some degree. On both sides of the telephone, the limitless potential of what the call might entail can elicit a wide range of emotional reactions. Appointment setters need to be in touch with their inner emotional worlds, and be able to adapt, reflect, and assure. As appointment setters it is our role to present your business in such a light that the prospect is comfortable, interested, and happy with the opportunity presented.

We can’t win over every new prospect, but appointment setters are convincing individuals that collate the most relevant and inspiring aspects of your business so that people want you.

Appointment setters have an agile mind that adjusts on the slightest inference and delivers what the unconscious mind of the prospect needs to hear. Most appointment setting calls are brief, so most of the work is done on the emotional connection level.

Whatever industry you trade in, your business is about relationships. Appointment setters are natural relationship starters. We build rapport rapidly, concretising the prospects interest, and we open hearts to meet and blossom new partnerships.


Justin Laju is the Principal at Appointment Setter.

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