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Appointment Setting, Heart Based Realtionships & The Future of Marketing

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Appointment Setting to create High Value Relationships

Appointment Setting and the Future of Marketing

Appointment Setting is about generating new relationships. Just like a personal dating consultant, your appointment setter is your finest business match maker. We get to know you, perceive your perfect match, get prepped and then hit the phones to hook you up!

Heart Based Relationships are rapidly becoming the only way forward for businesses seeking to grow and prosper amidst a rapidly changing business world. Why?

The era of whitewash marketing is ebbing has ebbed. People running businesses, small or large, have more pressure than ever mounted upon them. We have all felt the global financial contraction in some way. We all have more competition, more expense, less time, more stress, and require just the same, if not more, revenue to keep up with the pace of the modern business climate.

So, Free-For-All style Whitewash Marketing has been waning in effectiveness for a number of years now. People have become numb to the age old Ad. People are seeking a new level of “Real” to help them live their lives, and run their businesses.

When I speak to people on an Appointment Setting Pitch, they get a real, heart based conversation with someone – a real person. They are not being grabbed by a radio blurb, accosted by a tv blast, or distracted by a flyer. Their heart has something to latch onto. It’s not some hard to hear accent crackling down the line from a few countries away.

The appointment setting prospect is usually a contained audience. What do I mean by that?

Appointment Setting Prospect

Well, when I place a call to an appointment setting prospect they are taken by surprise. The prospect is going about their day as usual, and next thing they are talking to someone offering a well targeted proposition that will enhance their business. Some prospects are already along the buying cycle, already being aware of what you do, and perhaps already talking to people about it. But, for the majority, they are usually very busy and time poor. So, most prospects I speak with are in need of new business relationships, they just lack the time to create them.

So, appointment setting is a win win scenario for both the prospect and the underlying client business. Growing businesses need quality relationships inside and out. Growing businesses with great internal and external relationships are plugged into the business world in a very powerful way. Without a solid network of quality relationships – the businesses external relationships will suffer and vice versa.

Appointment Setting generates quality external relationships so that your business can grow and prosper. The most important external relationship is the client relationship. Without a steady flow of new clients, most businesses are dead in the water. Without a steady flow of new prospects and appointments with them most business generate a stagnant inertia. A lack of growth in relationships usually spells the end of trade.

The true beauty of appointment setting is that it is real, down to earth heart-based relationship creation. Investing in relationships is a massive investment into growth.

With appointment setting you are targeting the precise market that you desire. We pin-point your target market and make a time for you to meet with them. It’s a very real, rapport based method to generate sales – and it works.

The more targeted the appointment setting approach the more valuable the end-game relationships will be. If you can work with small businesses and even micro businesses then that’s who we’ll target. If you need clients with 10+ employees, then we’ll target those businesses and the appointment volume, quality and close-ability of the leads will be much higher. This is a powerful aspect of appointment setting that traditional marketing does not usually offer. Choose your friends wisely and your clients even more so!

As we hurtle into a rapidly evolving business landscape, society has been growingly impersonal. Globalism, consumerism and the information age has made us closed and separate. Most businesses are starving for quality relationships, relationships that support and foster growth.

Appointment Setting offers a very unique opportunity to reach out directly to your target market, to get to know them, engage them and serve them. It is discreet, thorough and lucrative – generating powerful relationships.

Appointment Setting is an investment into The Future. Appointment Setting is the Future of Marketing because in the future people will need real, solid, quality relationships to connect with.

Take a look around you, are your business relationships Heart Based?

Justin Laju is the Principal at Appointment Setter.

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