Appointment Setting Training

Appointment Setting Training

“…if you give a man a fish he is hungry again in an hour. If you teach him to catch a fish you do him a good turn.”

Anne Isabella Thackeray Ritchie

Appointment Setting Training

Appointment Setting Training is for businesses that want to brush up on and perfect their in-house Appointment Setting lead generation processes and skills.

We consult to and train individuals and teams to maximise their efficiency when they make outbound appointment setting calls. Setting an appointment is an art that we have mastered, and we train businesses in the process to emply to generate appointments with consistency.

Whether you have a team of dedicated callers, a team of sales people that could improve their telephone appointment setting, or you are a sole operator wanting to supercharge your outbound lead generation – Appointment Setting Training will improve your telephone angling success.

Appointment Setting Training provides a solid foundation you can build upon. Appointment Setting is a subtle art form. It’s one thing to present your offering face-to-face, and yet another thing to make calls. But, to understand the simple context of the appointment setting conversation makes a big difference. Many people try to use the same face-to-face techniques over the phone to set appointments – with lesser results.

With or Appointment Setting Training you or your callers will come to comprehend the subtle differences between the face-to-face, and over the phone appointment setting contexts. We can also offer telesales training and telemarketing training – the difference is in the outcome and the process adjusts accordingly.

Appointment Setting Training Growth

How to structure the process to ensure growth?

How to ensure your script is effective?

How to open, secure and close appointments?

How to deal with objections, rejections and the emotions that arise?

How to increase focus, grounding, presence and consistency?

How to keep it simple and stay on the path to appointments?

How to assess and select appropriate target market verticals or sectors?

How to use visualisation, plant seeds and harvest in the creation cycle?

How to form expectations and know when it’s working?

How to pre-setup for a “close” at the appointment stage?

How to “close the deal” at the appointment stage?

Appointment Setting Training can answer these questions and program your appointment setting to be a valuable business creation tool. The sales person that can close deals is a highly valued asset to any business. The sales person that can not only close deals but has the skill set to set appointments on an ongoing basis is a business dynamo.

How Appointment Setting Training Works?

Appointment Setting Training sessions are conducted via Telephone and Skype in sessions. All training is conducted on a prepaid invoice basis – with a number of investment options. The sessions will usually be conducted weekly in real-time during your outbound calling sessions. Training is usually a mix of theoretical and practical focus. We can consult with management to formulate teams and processes or just work with individuals to bring your process up to speed.

The real thing happens on the phone and that is how our training works. We’ll create a solution to suit your unique requirements, but sessions are usually conducted one-off or via an ongoing schedule.

Remote Appointment Setting Training

Whether you have a process that needs improving or you are starting from scratch, we can train you to set appointments effectively – for all business types. We will diagnose the most fruitful approach for your business and target market, removing anything that is not feeding your campaign.

We can help you select the most appropriate callers and train them if you are building a team. We can tweak the process of existing callers. And we can consult with you on your overall process to ensure best practices are formulated and adhered to.

Appointment Setting Training is simple, easy and effective. Appointment Setting is simple, easy, and effective. Let us take the hard work out of engineering new business relationships. When you create a solid foundation that you can trust, your prospects will trust you and feel safe.

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