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Appointment Setting: What makes a good client for an Appointment Setting Campaign?

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Appointment Setting: What makes a good Appointment Setting Client?

What makes a good appointment setting client?

Appointment Setting campaigns are living breathing, evolving things. They have a growth curve and life-force of their own. The key foundation for a good client company seeking more appointments through appointment setting services is Faith.

Faith is not about blindly trusting and jumping off a cliff hoping to fly or be caught. It’s about having faith in the system. It’s about leaning on the system, not the prospects, and not the callers.

When we approach appointment setting campaigns in this way, we open ourselves to give the campaign everything it needs. We lean toward an adaptable approach that responds in kind to what the process is asking for.

The trick in that is to listen to the campaign, feel it out, and respond to what it “wants”.

If we have concrete ideas and make them immutable to the reality that comes to pass, there is a tension created. This tension grips and holds onto the idea, the results that we “want”. Campaigns take no prisoners when faced with those that don’t accept “what is”.

But those that remain flexible, grateful, and willing to “go with the flow” of life-force energy issuing from a campaign – things open up.

Perseverance & Persistence are two things that campaigns will teach clients that don’t have these two virtues fully developed yet.

If you are doing everything right, and applying the above science to the campaign, adjusting all aspects as needed – and the return on investment is still not flowing – what then? Panic? Pull-out? Give-up? Go elsewhere and find another brick wall to bang your head upon?

Well, many try that. But eventually, when they are ready, they yield to what is.

Sometimes we get a client that has a fantastic product, the campaign has all of the earmarks of greatness – and yet no return on investment (ie actual tangible sales). With over 14 years of experience in this, we can see what is needed, but the client goes into emotional lock-down.

It’s amazing to experience this, because after so many years I know that it will work – it always does. But, the client doesn’t know that. The client is attached to the outcome, has expectation, and has financial risk mediation to contend with.

With every single client that fits the above profile, every single one of them that yields and lets go of attachment becomes one of our best clients ever. That’s because it’s not about the campaign at all – it’s about them.

The world is merely a reflection of our mind. Have you ever heard that?

We create our own reality. How about that one, familiar?

You get back what you put into life. I’m sure that one rings a bell, no doubt?

If we put expectations into a campaign we limit it. If we put exuberance, dilligence and persistent providence into a campaign and let go of form – the power to create can work through us.

The key there is a Heart-based approach. When we continually redirect our habit to come from the mind and rationalise a campaign, and direct our energy from the heart – we connect with abundance.

But what is all of that about?

Well, when we come from the heart – people feel loved because we are loving ourselves.

Well, that’s all very lovely and wishy-washy isn’t it. But I have a business to run…

Sure, but when you run your business from the heart driving the mind – it all flows.

Heart is about love, joy, happiness, honour, respect and compassion.

When we endeavour to embody those virtues over the phone – everyone becomes an asset. The gate keeping receptionists go gooey, the decision makers feel you are “down to earth”, and the clients feel loved.

But that’s just my end of the stick.

When that same ethos comes from a clients end – great things happen.

A given decision maker can feel an underlying client through the appointment setters call. This truth becomes very evident when two exactly matching clients get opposite results. One client is angry and attached to results and the other is kind, joyous and open. It’s always the same.

So, having made thousands of calls for hundreds of products and services – the same formula always rings true.

Happy Adaptable Client + Grateful Devoted Appointment Setter = Surprised Willing Content Prospects

Justin Laju is the Principal at Appointment Setter.

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