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Appointment Setting:Why use B2B Appointment Setting?

Appointment Setting: Nice to Meet You

Appointment Setting is as simple as “Hello, Nice to Meet You.”

Appointment Setting in a business to business context is as simple as forging a new relationship. We take you out there with a well formulated message and a clear intention: to find like-minded people with needs and interests that fit what you offer.

So, we call and speak to people about you. We tell them about your service or product. We give them what they need to hear, in such a way that those with the need or interest will see you, and feel you. We then qualify the new prospect, once we know they are interested. We then make a time that is convenient for them, based on your availability, to meet with you Рeither in person or via a telephone appointment.

So, the process itself is very simple. But the affect this has on your business is very impactful.

Every outbound call is generating more market awareness increasing your markets knowledge of you.

Every email that we send out there is a tangible point of contact that can initiate action immediately, in the short term, and even further into the future. So, a snowball of presence is created.

Every appointment that we set gets you even further into the group and personal psyche of your prospects.

Appointment Setting is Relationship Engineering. We assess your business with you, assess the market, procure those in the market that fit the type of new relationships you seek – and engineer them.

So, whether you close every deal of not, the whole process of appointment setting is generating a tangible presence where new fitting relationships have a chance to blossom into life.

From there its a just matter of tending to the needs of the relationship, just like any other. You need to fertilise the garden, pull out the weeds, water, and give plenty of love and sunshine.

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Justin Laju is the Principal at Appointment Setter.

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