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B2B Telemarketing

B2B Telemarketing

By Justin Laju

B2B Telemarketing


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When I first started out in Telemarketing I didn’t really understand what B2B Telemarketing services were. To me, telemarketing was that thing that happened at dinner time when the last thing you want to do is talk down some crackly line to an off-shore script reader. My image of telemarketing was an image of nuisance calls at inopportune moments.

My first job in telemarketing was working for a financial planning firm, calling mums and dads to sell mortgages, investment properties and various financial products. I actually struggled to set appointments on the first day – I did what the trainers told me to do, the target was 2 appointments that day, and I hit my target.

This first role was something that opened me up to the world of cold calling. This was not B2B Telemarketing, though, and I was yet to understand that concept. But, what I did discover was my latent talent for cold calling. I was a natural gun. The average telemarketer was making two appointments per day – and my average was ten.

I discovered early that my telemarketing talent was clear. I was always adept at identifying prospects, engaging and building rapport, securing interest and focus on the features and benefits, and could close deals like a swinging door. My secret was a service based attitude. When I focus on helping others as the primary objective, the heavens open up and irrigate my harvest.

Telemarketing B2B was a natural progression for me. The consumer calls was an amazing grounding, but I knew my future was elsewhere. It actually took a few years before I started doing B2B Telemarketing calls. My first B2B Telemarketing role was a job selling print and online advertising space to companies in Australia & India. That was a real eye opener and a formative period crystalising my passion for B2B Telemarketing.

After having excelled with a few years of high performance B2C Telemarketing, I was amazed at the difference with the switch to B2B. The whole energy was different. I was no longer getting abused by every other prospect. I was almost never asked “how did you get my number, take me off your list!?”. I was amazed that business owners, CEO’S, MD’s, GM’s, actually appreciated being called.

“Thanks for the call, Justin!” – “What?”…. they actually like being called. And that is when I realised the key difference in B2B Telemarketing and B2B Telemarketing Companies. The perception is that you are not telemarketing at all. The perception that a B2B Telemarketing prospect holds is entirely different – making the whole process more positive, more pleasurable, and more rewarding. When a call is made to a B2B Telemarketing prospect, they receive you as a sales person, a business development manager, or a consultant – not as a telemarketer. B2B Telemarketers should not be is not like telemarketers at all, it’s like calling a whole bunch of targeted prospects that appreciate being contacted. It’s more like business speed dating.

B2B Telemarketing became my new best friend. I was like a falcon with his first set of flight wings. The fluff had been replaced with sheer and glide. I was free. I made something like forty grand in sales in my first month or so, I was alive.

I found that the more accepting perception with B2B Telemarketing allowed my rapport building skills to blossom. I was so adept at rapport building, from a few years of B2C Telemarketing, that when I started making B2B calls, I flourished.

I had entered the new world of business communications and marketing. I felt like I’d crawled out of the gutter and was running around in the street meeting new businesses and improving their lives.

B2B Telemarketing is an excellent way for businesses to generate leads. B2B Lead Generation is highly sought after and is a very lucrative rapport based method to meet and impress new customers.

I decided that my business needed to focus solely on outbound B2B Telemarketing & Appointment Setting. It’s cleaner, fresher, more interesting, and there is a massive demand for a good, on-shore reliable B2B Telemarketing company.

That is how Appointment Setter became a solely B2B Telemarketing service. We only hire the best B2B Telemarketing talent. We go where we are most appreciated. And we are most appreciated making B2B calls because that is where we are able to add the most value.

Justin Laju is the Principal at Appointment Setter.

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