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Call Centre Consulting

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Call Centre Consulting

Call Centre Consulting

Call Centre Consulting is at the heart of Appointment Setter’s services. We consult to call centres and businesses wanting to setup an in-house Call Centre or Campaign. We also act as a trouble shooting service to streamline and improve existing call centre processes.

Call Centres can be very profitable for a business, but you need to get the engine humming before any sustainable return on investment can be found.

Call Centre Consulting is suitable for:

  • Establishing a New Team of Callers.
  • Trouble Shooting with an Existing Team of Callers.
  • Small, Medium, or Large Call Centres seeking “Constant Improvement and Renewal”.

Establishing a New Team Of Callers

Call Centre Consulting - Choosing CandidatesAppointment Setter is adept as assessing and identifying the specific qualities required within the ideal Call Centre Operator. We know what the “X Factor” is, who has it and who does not. We also know how to nurture the “X Factor” and awaken it within budding call centre operators.

There is a big difference between “making calls” and generating solid, sustainable return on investment. Like most subtle art forms, it all comes down to innate ability, knowledge, and devoted service. But, not everyone has what it takes to “make it happen”. It requires an ability, and willingness, to embody all three levels of skill, knowledge and application. To that end, Appointment setter has a profitable ability to select and train the appropriate personnel to maximise return.

Appointment Setter Call Centre Consulting is a valuable resource for setting up new call centre teams, and field candidates on an ongoing basis. We select, train, and assess candidates and personnel to achieve the best results and desire outcomes possible.


Trouble Shooting with an Existing Team of Callers

 Call Centre Consulting with Appointment Setter is not just about establishing teams. We also assess, train, and coach existing Call Centre teams. Call Centre Campaigns a living, breathing, cyclical entities in their own right. There exists a natural ebb and flow of energy surrounding and working through every Call Centre, its Campaigns and its People.

Every Call Centre and its Campaigns cycle through a flowing progression of vitality and influence. There are fertile times of great harvest and success, and equally there are tough times of great challenge, contraction and struggle. The key to longevity and sustainable return, for every Call Centre Team, comes down to adaptability, innovation, and consistent perseverance.

Only when a Call Centre Team can align itself with the changing nature of their target markets, product & service focus, and delivery objectives, can we see ongoing, sustainable, return on investment.

Appointment Setter is a specialist Call Center Troubleshooter. With a dynamic focus upon assessing, identifying and adapting key aspects of Call Centre Campaigns to their “sweet spots”, we are an invaluable resource for external input. Sometimes a given Campaign may stumble, or splutter, and the resturns may deminish. Appointment Setter has many years of experience in identifying what is going wrong, what needs to be done, and how we need to do it.

Small, Medium, or Large Call Centres seeking constant Improvement and Renewal

In the “Golden Era” of Call Centre Returns, just prior to the Global Financial Crisis, Call Centre “boards” were awash with deals. The economy was charging like a bull, prospects were buoyed by forgiving financial sentiments. Appointments, deals and sales were readily available.

In the current financial landscape, things are very different. Some industries are trotting along nicely, while others are stumbling, and some are spiraling into eventual demise. People are reeling into a time of great change and adjustment. The entire planet is reestablishing a new status quo, and such a pivotal time causes great fluctuations in the financial returns of most Call Centre management teams.

Appointment Setter’s Call Centre Consulting services are a very pragmatic approach to ensuring that Call Centre’s continually adapt to and align with the ongoing changes in their target markets. A culture of “Constant Improvement and Renewal” is essential to ensure the sustainability and ongoing success of all Call Centres.

Sometimes its tough to “see the Forest from the Trees” when Call Centre managers assess their campaigns seeking stable return on investment in unstable times. Appointment Setter’s Call Centre Consulting provides a fresh perspective on the situation at hand. We assess and formulate best practice procedures within the identity of a given campaign, realigning it with “moving goal posts”.

Justin Laju is the Principal at Appointment Setter.

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