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Call Centre Training

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Call Centre Training

Call Centre Training

Call Centre Training is usually facilitate by the call centre’s management team. Each call centre has it’s own unique methodoligies, products and services and their own ideas on call centre training.

But what about ongoing training, beyond the normal scope of practices? You have a successful call centre, so how do you continually promote growth, momentum and motivation.

What about setting up a call centre from scratch? You have a successful product or service, but how do you go about designing, sourcing, and rolling out everything that’s required to setup a profitable call centre?

Call Centre Training is diverse in it’s requirements – but always simple in its application.

We train teams of callers to set appointments, “call to action”, open, nurture and close deals over the phone, take credit card payments over the phone, build relationships, write scripts, hone deliver…

We also consult with call centre managers and business owners to develop productive call centre training systems. We can help businesses focus on the best practices approach to generating successful campaigns. We do this either from scratch or with existing call centres seeking fresh input…

Our Call Centre Training is a “remote” web and phone based delivery model. We are results focused, not theory bound, and have years of experience tweaking campaigns to make them sing.

Call Centre Training

Appointment Setter Call Centre Training may focus on:

– caller training & trouble shooting.

– strategies to maintain focus and enthusiasm.

– one-on-one remote training delivery.

– script reviewing, creation and strategy.

– recruitment strategy.

– easy pre-paid system.

– 14 years experience in calling, training, and consulting.

– tangible, easy to grasp, effective methods.

– Appointment Setting Training.

– Telemarketing Training.

– Telesales Training.

– Campaign Development and Delivery.

Appointment Setter Call Centre Training is suitable for:

-Individuals, teams, and management.

– Small Business owners.

-Small, Medium, and Large Call Centres.

-B2B & B2C Call Centres and Businesses.

Justin Laju is the Principal at Appointment Setter.

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