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Financial Planning Leads

Financial Planners require a constant flow of new leads to sell their products to. It’s a constant requirement.

Most financial planners, once established, tend to work mainly by customer referrals.

So, what about financial planning businesses that are either starting out or need more leads than their referral partners can supply.

Telemarketing & Appointment Setting is a very direct and lucrative approach to generating financial planning leads. But, the key to cold calling appointment setting for financial planning is Warm Leads.

So, how to source a good flow of warm to hot financial planning leads for appointment setting purposes?

Well, to start with, what is a warm/hot lead?

A warm/hot lead is a lead that has some degree of rapport established prior to the appointment setting cold call being made. A warm/hot lead has some element to it that has warmed it up in advance of the prospecting effort over the phone. And the best warm financial planning leads are those where a list of prospects have expressed an interest in financial planning services or products.

There is a massive difference between financial planning leads that have expressed an interest in financial planning services or products compared with a list of names and numbers from a telephone book.

Of course, all consumer leads sourced from a telephone book must be washed against the Do Not Call Register.

So, ideally, the best leads are also leads that do not require washing against the Do Not Call Register.

Ok, so how to generate financial planning leads for appointment setting with prospects that have expressed an interest in financial planning services or products? And how to create financial planning leads for appointment setting that are also free from restriction under the Do Not Call Register terms.

Does the Holy Grail of financial planning leads generation really exist?


the holy grail of financial planning leads

Now the most simple thing I could give you here is based on expression of interest and permission to call.

So, how to find the people expressing an interest – that’s the gap right?

Well, one of the most successful financial planning leads creation systems in Australia is now defunct. Australia Post discontinued the Great Australian Lifestyle Survey a number of years ago. The Great Australian Lifestyle Survey was a very lucrative lead generation “competition” where consumers jumped online and filled out a fairly extensive questionnaire about their financial lifestyle. It was a gold mine for financial planning leads for appointment setting purposes. The resultant list of consumers that could be purchased contained names, number, income brackets, financial desires, life desires, level of interest in financial services etc. And when you called these people asking them to attend a free financial planning session, they more than often accepted. All the big banks and large financial services players in Australia were all over it, they used the Great Australian Lifestyle Survey on an ongoing basis to generate fresh outbound generated Warm Leads for appointment setting.

So, the Great Australian Lifestyle Survey is now gone.

So, where does that leave the Financial Planning sales manager?

Well, the survey may have met with demise. But the premise upon which its successes were built lives on.

Expression of Interest and Permission to Call.

So, you could build your own lead generation website – no problem there. Though, if you’ve tried to SEO your way to lofty possies on Google these days you know it takes a while, you have to work at it constantly, it can be expensive, and still you have development costs, time, and effort. All power to you if that is attractive, go for it.

A smarter way, with far less leg work and lead time, is right outside your door.

Over the last 14 years in the Appointment Setting, Lead Generation, Telesales industries – I’ve been privy to much. I’ve seen companies come, and I’ve seen them go, I’ve seen what works and I know now what does not.

The best financial planning leads generation activity I have seen (excluding the Survey mentioned, which only surpassed it due to volume and convenience) I will share with you all right now.

Live Leads!

Financial Planning Leads - street LeadsThat’s Right! LIVE LEADS!

Yes, straight up, opt-in leads captured live from inbound sources. That’s the winning answer!

The Method:

We create compelling offers on Facebook & Premium Online Shopping outlets and engage targeted, qualified individuals – asking them if they’d like a call from your company.

You tell us exactly who you want, where they live, what their profile looks like – and we’ll harness their enthusiasm for you.

The best bit is you get guaranteed leads!


Yep, you heard it right!

We create these exclusive leads on a pay per lead including call/s basis.

These leads are very strong, very qualified, and have very high close to sale/client rates.

Financial Planning Leads Pricing

Our Facebook Financial Planning Leads are currently $300+GST including call/s, and they have very high conversion rates to appointment (around 50%-70%+ convert to in-home appointments).

Our Online Shopping Financial Planning Leads are currently $200+GST including call/s, and they also have very high conversion rates to appointment (around 25%-50%+ convert to in-home appointments).

We provide the only end-to-end live lead generation and appointment setting service in Australia, and the only pay per lead including calls service for Financial Planning Leads. Our leads are excellent.

Financial Planning Leads & Engagement Levels

Our Financial Planning Leads work well even if your business is not overly “engaging”. By engaging I mean, the degree to which your target audience is willing to submit their details to be contacted.

If you have a low engagement offer, I’d suggest enhancing your offer to increase engagement. You can offer things like “if we can’t save you $x then we’ll give you $x cash for your time!”, which can work very nicely.

The other way to increase engagement is by running a competition…

Set up a competition and use that offer to enhance your engagement level.

The easiest way to do this is run the competition as a “Game of Skill” not a “Game of Chance”. If you can do that you can avoid all requirement for a permit and related requirements. A game of skill is unregulated in most states of Australia, while a Game of Chance is being regulated by each state Authority (again do your compliance homework as to your unique requirements by state via your state Liquor & Gaming Authority).

So, provided that there is no “chance element” to the competition, and each contestant is required to do something to win – you are free to run your financial planning leads competition and start generating appointment setting leads as you wish. You will need to do a bit of office brain storming as to what Game of Chance would be best for the role. And make sure you check in with your state authority to confirm the differences between skill and chance. Essentially, the easiest way is to ask each prospect to answer, in 25 words or less, a question you design and then judge the best answer.

Why this works really well for Financial Planning Leads creation for appointment setting purposes, aside from containing both permission and expression of interest, is engagement rapport.

It’s all about Rapport. People are jaded by passive marketing, it still works, but people don’t trust it. Direct Appointment Setting is about initiating a more intimate level of rapport. People are growing more and more toward real interactions, and keeping it real will make them feel safer. Like no other industry, the Financial Services sector has image problems. Much of these image issues dissolve when a truly caring heart connection is established and people feel heard. When these financial planning leads are called over the phone for appointment setting, you are already half way to instant rapport.

Appointment Setter sets appointments for Financial Planning & Property Investment companies with qualified investors. We also perform Appointment Setting Consulting & Training to Financial Planning businesses. We can help you create a profitable lead generation system, consult on the processes, and individually recruit and train staff to set appointments more effectively.

Justin Laju is the Principal at Appointment Setter.

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