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How it Works

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How Appointment Setter Works

How it Works

Appointment Setter works on a prepaid invoice hourly rate basis for Appointment Setting and Appointment Setting Training (contact us for investment options).

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How Appointment Setting Works

As an extension of you, we make calls in your business name. We can set appointments, generate leads, make telesales over the phone, and also build awareness with a “call to action”. It all depends on your business model, it’s your barbecue and we’re here to help you cook it!

Our Process

1Contact & Discuss – Call or Contact us and have a chat. We’ll discuss your business offering, likely target markets, and determine your expected return on investment in real terms. We’ll give you an idea of how our services will work for your business, and determine what service type best suits you.

2Quotation – We’ll give you a quotation based on our discussion. In the quotation we will outline the scope of your campaign in tangible terms with a key focus on Return on Investment (ROI). Upon approval of your quotation, we will generate a prepay invoice to be paid prior to the commencement of the campaign.

3From You – All we need from you is a Written Brief, a dedicated email address from your domain/url, an online calendar setup if booking appointments, and your database (or we’ll create one). Please also supply any telescripts that you may have used previously.

4Preparation – Based on our initial chat and the Written Brief from you we will prepare for the campaign launch. It generally takes about 2 hours of prep time including research on your business, script writing, email & template setup, database creation (or setup), and Contact Relationship Management (CRM) configuration.

5The Work – We’ll then start making calls, introducing your business. Depending on your chosen service type:Appointment Setting, “Call to Action” Telemarketing, Lead Generation, or Telesales – we will be focused on results with every call. If setting appointments we will book in some people on the first call, some will want a call back, and we will send email details to as many people as possible.

Three Avenues for New Business

With our process we create three avenues (First Calls, Emails, & Call Backs) for new business relationships to be pipelined into your database as it grows and yields new business. We’ll be closing sales or setting appointments (depending on service type) on the first call. We’ll send correspondence to prospects that we didn’t reach the first time, or those that are not quite ready. And we’ll be making call backs to nurture and close. We’ll feed them into your pipeline for nurturing and call them back when they are ready. This way we can snow ball potentials, building momentum as we go, creating immediate, medium and long term opportunities for new business.


  • FREE Local, National & Mobile telephone calls
  • FREE Campaign Strategy and Script Creation Service included
  • FREE Progress Reports & Database Records
  • Trial Packages Available
  • Flexible and Tailored campaigns to suit your business
  • NO Lock-In Contracts
  • Appointments set directly into your Online Calendar


  • Increase Market Reach & Awareness
  • More New Relationships, Appointments, Enquiries, and Sales.
  • Appear Larger without your own in-house Telemarketing team.
  • Build momentum and life-force for new business growth.

Return on Investment (ROI)

Appointment Setter works hard to keep you as part of our family. To do this we know that results are the glue that keeps us together. Your positive Return on Investment (ROI) is always at the forefront of our minds. Building Awareness, Interest, and coaxing Evaluation and Commitment is our formula. In this approach every call is a potential customer for you.

We determine your expected ROI differently for each service type. For Appointment setting, the expected hours per appointment will give us a cost per acquisition, which we will outline on your quotation. The ROI for appointment setting is the easiest to predict as it is usually fairly consistent. ROI depends on Market Saturation with similar products & services and the level of Interest in your Target Markets.

The ROI for “Call to Action”, Telesales, and Lead Generation will similarly be dependent on Market Saturation and Interest. The expected results per hour will be determined by your process, pricing, and saleability.

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