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Niche Market Telemarketing & Appointment Setting

Posted on by on April 23rd, 2014 | Comments Off on Niche Market Telemarketing & Appointment Setting

Niche Market Appointment Setting

Niche Market? When is a business too niche for outsourced telemarketing or Appointment Setting – Never!

Niche business telemarketing and appointment setting is a fantastic way to forge new relationships and increase market dominance.

Actually, niche businesses tend to perform more strongly than more traditional or broader market businesses. Niche Marketing is made very direct by calling directly to your target markets.

The more specific your offering is, the more fitting it will be to the right prospect. It is really just a case of targeting and calling the right people.

I’ve had some people tell me that their business is too niche for telemarketing or appointment setting, and they don’t know how wrong they are. When you place a promotional call for a niche business, the call context is very precise. Provided you are calling the right people you have two of the most important things that the prospect will look for – relevance, specificity.

Having place thousands of outbound appointment setting & telemarketing calls, I’ve come to realise that there are certain things that a prospect needs to hear. They need to hear very early in the call that this is relevant to them – that is the first thing they look for. The second thing is specificity. They need to know that this is specifically suited to their situation, or their needs. Beyond that, all that remains is that they are the right personality profile to say yes.

The telemarketing & appointment setting campaigns that work the best, and generate the highest return on investment, are for niche businesses. When you have a niche market, your service offering is really only catering to a few types of need. The relevance and specificity of what you offer makes it very fitting for the target market and they usually say yes.

So, next time you think your business is “too niche” for appointment setting & telemarketing – think again.

Justin Laju is the Principal at Appointment Setter.

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