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Property Development Telemarketing

property development telemarketing

Property Development Telemarketing

Property Development Telemarketing is a very targeted means of uncovering opportunities within the real estate and property markets.

We can uncover new management opportunities, source new development opportunities or promote existing developments in a number of ways.

Our Property Development Telemarketing services can provide:

  • Client Relations Consulting
  • Customer Services Consulting
  • Lead Generation
  • Contract & Lease Renegotiation Appointment Setting
  • Tenant Relocation Sourcing services
  • Development Promotion

Maybe you are seeking a flow of fresh leads to take over the management of upcoming development projects?

Perhaps you are looking to source new development opportunities yourself?

Or maybe you have a development or a clients development that will require direct promotion?

Appointment Setter’s Property Development Telemarketing services are as diverse as the Property Development Industry.

Let us create that needed edge in the competitive world of Property Development with our various Telemarketing services. We become an extension of your business allowing extended reach to increase productivity and return on investment.

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