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Superannuation Leads

superannuation leads

Superannuation Leads

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Appointment Setter is a specialist Superannuation Leads Generator. We have been setting appointment for financial services and superannuation leads for 15 years.

We can generate superannuation leads in a number of ways from live online leads to lost corporate super leads.

Live online option to be contacted superannuation leads are custom tailored to your requirements. Live superannuation leads are a great way to establish a new business rapidly, or augment an established business with high quality exclusive leads.

Lost Corporate Super leads are an excellent way to procure existing clients that have drifted into super no mans land. These leads are already clients, but have changed super funds and some don’t even know it. many of the leads ┬áhave existing insurance policies attached to their super fund. These leads are motivated to do something or they lose their fund money to be gobbled up by no mans land super fees.

The Appointment Setter Advantage

We are specialists at converting leads to appointment and sale. We support our clients to ensure high conversion and success rates – whether you want appointments set for you or you want to make the calls yourself – we support you with scripting and live leads that are motivated.

Book a Call Back to discuss how our Superannuation Leads can Grow Your Business

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