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Telemarketing Companies

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telemarketing companies

Searching for Telemarketing Companies?

Telemarketing Companies come in all shapes and sizes. Appointment Setter is the business to business specialist of telemarketing companies.

We provide a wide range of business to business (B2B) telemarketing services:

  • Cold Calling
  • Lead Generation
  • Appointment Setting
  • Call to Action
  • Client Relations
  • Customer Service
  • Testimonial Collection
  • Feedback Collection
  • General Business Calls

There are very few Telemarketing Companies like Appointment Setter. We are all about heart and generating new relationships.

Appointment Setter’s specialty is in generating a sustainable flow of new business relationships through telemarketing and appointment setting. Telemarketing services are an excellent way to generate interest in your business offering and to manifest that interest into customers. When a prospects receives a call from Appointment Setter, it is a very different experience than they get from a call with most telemarketing companies.

Prior to creating Appointment Setter, I worked for a lot of different telemarketing companies. I set appointments for almost every industry you can imagine, I cleansed databases, did call to action for websites, I did customer service…on it goes. And the one thing that stayed with me through all of this was a service oriented persona. It’s what we can do for others that makes us succeed in telemarketing. As a telemarketer working for a wide range of telemarketing companies I realised that most callers are terrible at their job. Most telemarketers  go through the motions without fully engaging themselves or their prospects…and they still succeed! Telemarketing is that powerful, even a lousy caller doing their job consistently will yield return.

Appointment Setter takes it to the next level, we care. We make the baby our own. We align our need with yours and we get the job done. Telemarketing companies don’t usually strike up a warm rapport with their clients and prospects, but that is our secret weapon – Love. When you love your clients, your prospects, your self and every call in their name – life flows and so do the appointments.

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