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Telemarketing Lead Generation Tips

Telemarketing Lead Generation Tips

Telemarketing Lead Generation Tips

Best Practices for Higher Return on Investment (ROI)

By Justin Laju

Telemarketing Lead Generation is the strongest rapport based relationship development technique that I know of. At Appointment Setter, we are all about heart-based relationship development. Whatever your industry or target markets, today’s business decision maker is looking for heart-based realationships to leverage, whether they realise this or not. But, what are the best practices to ensure the highest likelihood of success for a business marketer seeking to generate a strong Return on Investment (ROI) from their outsourced Telemarketing Lead Generation?

We studied our client base and put together a number of attributes that were common to our highest performing clients. We looked at which clients were performing most strongly across our accounts and noticed a few things that the top performers had in common.

“Telemarketing Lead Generation Campaigns are alive, they have their own life-force, and they need strong support to flourish.”

See it from where the prospect will see you

Perspective is very important. Our strongest performing clients seem to have an ability to empathise through their telemarketing campaigns. They empathise with us, and most importantly have an empathy of understanding the experience of their prospects. They assess themselves based on how the prospect will perceive them, and they try to adhere to what the customer wants.

Have a clear outcome – Intention is everything

The best performing lead generation campaigns have people behind them that are very clear in their intention, their offering, and the results they expect. Intention is very powerful. Don’t just expect to invest money and get results. You need to engage your intention and activate it with will. Intention is a creative energy, the chinese call it Yi, and it can actually be “seen”. Intention, when activated within you and engaged with your will, your words and your deeds, is inexorably linked to creation.

Embrace a Long-Term Attitude & Commitment

It’s nice to test the water, and make sure that you are happy with our services. We’ve noticed very clearly that clients with a long-term approach to telemarketing lead generation get better results. When you think long-term you engage a different, more open and solution oriented, approach to lead generation. All of the pieces of the puzzle have more space and energy to find their “sweet spot”. Telemarketing Lead Generation is not just about making calls, it’s about application, assessment, and adjustment.

Be Patient, Flexible & Adopt a Solution Focused Mentality

We become an extension of our client’s business. Telemarketing Lead Generation requires adaptability and an earnest willingness to seek solutions when faced with obstacles. Our strongest clients have a natural solution seeking gene. Telemarketing Campaigns require solution oriented thinking to ensure sustainable lead generation.

Ask for Guidance & Communicate Suggestions

Our best accounts have open, fair, and communicative clients underlying them. Only when there is a clear connection between the client and our management team can we flow with the refinement process of each campaign. There are a number of variable elements to any telemarketing campaign. Stability and growth only exist when a clear channel of guidance and suggestions exists between us and you.

Know your Points of Difference, Features and Benefits

You need to be the prototype of a clear understanding of your business. Develop a clear understanding of your key points of difference, and your outstanding features & their benefits. When you are clear on these things, so shall we be, and the message will be felt more solidly in each and every outbound call. Telemarketing is the transmission of clear, concise, and appealing propositions. Know your best points and the prospects will see you.

Develop a Strong, Clear Sales Process with Momentum

We notice very firmly that our strongest performing clients have a clearly defined sales process. They have structure to the process because they have broken it down and configured the best process to generate conversions. Don’t hang desperately off every lead, lean back on your process once refined and know where you are going – they will follow you. People adhere to leadership, and having a clear adherence to your process will funnel prospects into sales. If you need to, study the sales cycle and devise a standardised process for presenting and closing.

Honour Every Lead Generated – Be the Follow-up King (or Queen)

It is very clear that the strongest clients have an attitude of gratitude. We see a strong difference is this area. Clients that systematically follow-up and nurture every lead that arrives flourish. Trust in the process and arrive to the challenge. By making that extra effort to deliver, your prosepects feel safe and secure. Form positive habits and processes that keep you engaged and en rapport.

Give Feedback on Appointment Outcomes to hone with Qualifiers

We always try to make this a standard practice to get and keep your telemarketing lead generation in the sweet spot. What we notice is that our strongest clients do this naturally without being asked. The strongest clients are involved in the process and they know how to be positioned for the appointment. Positioning in the appointment is everything. Become clear on the dynamics of your sales process, and develop and understanding of how you will be perceived and how best to shape the appointment from the outset. Do this by actively providing feedback on the appointments you attend. Focus on how the prospect was prepped and positioned. Does the prospect need to be qualified more? Qualifying not only weeds out the time wasters, but positions their psychology in the harvesting alignment. Think in terms of problems and solutions and help us create qualifying questions that will put them in the best thought patterns for receptivity to your offer.

Provide a Concise Brief & Setup in a Timely and Punctual Manner

This is a very interesting observation. Our strongest telemarketing clients all provide their campaign briefs, email setup, campaign payments and calendar setup in a timely and punctual manner. We can instantly observe which clients will excel in their lead generation by how organised they are at the outset. Strong clients have strong briefs; a clear one page brief, email address and calendar setup, and prompt invoice payment really are the hallmarks of a strong performing client. From the first call made, everything falls into place and the energy flows.

Be flexible with Time Slots & Availability

Make it easy for your prospects and our callers to make times. Setup your online calendar with nurturance, this is the pathway to receive. If your schedule is already quite full, allocate timeslots in your calendar to make it clear when you can meet with new prospects. When a new prospect is in the early creation phase, they need to be booked in easily. Sometimes prospects are inflexible and unreliable – embrace a feminine receptivity with flexibility, reliability, punctuality and consistency. Share your calendar and keep it up to date if you have other commitments that arise – the technology is there, leverage it.

Be Realistic about Appointment Numbers and the Nature of Lead Generation

Actively generated leads are very different to referrals and passively attracted enquiries. You need to engage your feminine side and humility. While it is true that we are sending you leads, you must always keep in mind that the prospect didn’t usually ask to be contacted. While it may be in their best interests to be open and receptive, human beings will usually be worried about the need before they will give you an open and fair chance to deliver your offer. Absorb any negativity and convert it into enthusiasm directed to the part of their unconscious that will need and want you. Know that the number of leads generated will depend largely on your market receptivity and saturation of competitors. Also know that the flow of leads will be there when you allow the process to grow.

Do the Math with ROI and your Conversion Process in the Sales Cycle

Strong clients will work out what a new client is worth to them, and they will integrate their manifestation with the actuality of investment funds versus appointment numbers, conversions, and sales revenue. Don’t obsess on it, you must entrench yourself in trust to let it flow. But, know how many leads it takes to close a deal and develop a compassion for how the balance of input and output. There are always peaks and troughs in performance, such is the way of creation. The strongest performers adhere to the path of least resistance. They allow their analytical and creative minds to work in unison.

Put your Energy into It – Manifest

The best performing clients don’t just commission us to create for them. We can feel their creative essence and whether it is engaged with the campaign. We can only bring in the gold for you when your heart reaches out to touch it first. Talk to the universe and bring it in – “Come On!!” Celebrate your success in advance, and give warm and hearty thankfulness to the creative process when it manifests.

Let it Go – Do Everything Right and then Trust in the Process

“You gotta know when to hold em, know when to fold em”. Our strongest performing accounts are those clients that adhere to best practices naturally and those that learn to. Telemarketing Lead Generation campaigns are at the forefront of creation, and thus they are very energetically sensitive. They respond to your mental, emotional and energetic input. Your thoughts and words have creative power. You need to give your campaigns all that they need on a physical level, but also on an energetic level. Let your campaigns flourish by dispelling all energies like fear, depression, worry, impatience, frustration or anger. It may seem foreign to you, but the creational levels of your manifestation are very clear on this. Let go of all negative thoughts around your campaign and convert them into positivity – that is the fuel of creation.


Justin Laju is the Principal at Appointment Setter.

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