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Telemarketing or Appointment Setting

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telemarketing or appointment setting

Telemarketing or Appointment Setting

Telemarketing takes many different forms depending on the end-game outcome you are looking to achieve. Appointment Setting is for those businesses that seek face to face, telephone or video meetings with prospects. But, Appointment Setting is just one form of Telemarketing.

So how does a business decide whether to choose Appointment Setting over other forms of Telemarketing?

It all comes down to the nature of the product or service being marketed.

Some products and services can be sold directly over the phone (sometimes on the very first call), while other products seem to sell better with an appointment based approach. Most businesses have a fair idea about their own products and services and how to best sell them, so it comes down to the nature of the product and how the business works.

A couple of examples of Telemarketing Campaigns that may be considered against an Appointment Setting Campaign::

“Call to Action Campaigns” –  these telemarketing campaigns are not focused on setting appointments, but rather focused on telemarketing based strategies to influence prosepcts into some kind of action. It may be the launch of a new website, an existing client follow up campaign to breathe new life-force into your client database, or it may be an outbound telemarketing campaign to simply tell your market you are there for them.

“Telesales Campaigns” – these telemarketing campaigns are about direct sales over the phone. If you have a product that does not need an appointment setting approach, and the whole sales transaction can happen by phone, then a telesales campaign may be the way to go. Telesales Telemarketing Campaigns can be based on invoice transactions, credit card sales, or prospects may be directed to an online portal or payment gateway.

telemarketing or appointment setting

So, Telemarketing or Appointment Setting simply depends on your preference and campaign requirements.

If you can sell your product over the phone, then you can cover more ground faster in terms of prospects reached in a given time frame.

Justin Laju is the Principal at Appointment Setter.

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