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Telemarketing Tips: Tip#1 Perseverance

Telemarketing Tip #1 Perseverance

Telemarketing Tips: Tip#1 Perseverance

Telemarketing Tips are gems of wisdom gleaned from many years of experience in Telemarketing Services, Training & Consulting.

So, Telemarketing Tip#1 Perseverance

Firstly let’s look at the definition of “perseverance”:

noun: perseverance

persistence in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.

“medicine is a field which requires dedication and perseverance”

synonyms: persistence, tenacity, determination, resolve, resolution, resoluteness, staying power, purposefulness, firmness of purpose.

Perseverance is the golden key no matter what the issue is, and when it comes to Telemarketing Tips it’s certainly in the running for King.

Almost every telemarketer, appointment setter, or telesales representative I have trained has had to face this Telemarketing Tip issue at some stage.


Well, as human beings (in our current state) we have become addicted to instant gratification. Whether its power, sex, money, food, relationships – it doesn’t really matter – we are an impatient, inconsistent, capricious species. And if there is anything that makes people flighty, changable, and unstable in disposition – it’s Cold Call Telemarketing.

I still remember my first day on the job, about 14 years ago. Cold sweats, increased pulse rate, disassociation, worry, anxiety – any negative state or emotion that would “unground” me reared its head. With “comfort zone” a distant memory I pressed on.

My first day ended dismally. The prospects could smell the fear right through the copper telephone wire, and no prisoners were left standing. 4 hours of calls passed, the average in the call centre was 2 appointments to my ZERO. I could have used a few Telemarketing Tips that day…

So, I picked myself up, scraped my self-worth back into something workable and went back for a second day.

That choice alone had power in it. The choice to not give up was a choice to succeed.

I still got hammered the next day..but I got my first appointment.

“OK, that wasn’t so hard”, I thought. And at the very same time I thought:”Man, are you sure you’re cut out for this?”

Telemarketing Tips - Angel and Devil

And from that moment forward I realised the secret that had been eluding me.

We have two choices, or ways to live in this world, once we know who we truly are: To Be or Not to Be. Or put another way, to be that which we are, or be that which we are not. And for me, in that moment there was a big differences between those two inner voices – one told me it wasn’t so hard, while the other had me question if I’ve really got what it takes. The former was positive, the latter negative. As I started to settle down into the learning curve, things became clearer and I knew what this would take.

I knew in that moment that to succeed I had to persevere. I had to feel the burn and persevere anyway. I had to hear both of those voices…the little angel on one shoulder and the little devil on the other – and, I had to trust which one was me and just go for it. There was nobody that could confirm my “cut out for it” status, and now way to truly assess whether this would work. I had to maintain Faith in the face of Fear & Doubt and just keep dialin’…keep smilin’!

As soon as I realised this and made my decision – things opened up for me. As soon as I worked with the positive thoughts and just let the negative do its do, without fighting it, things started to take shape for me.

My “appointment set” bell started ringing.

Within a few weeks I was on a roll. My newly found positivity was making inroads I couldn’t see before. I was reaping the benefits of perseverance.

By the end of my first month on the job I had mastered the Art of Telemarketing.

I won’t go into everything I learned in that first month right away. But, Perseverance was the catalyst for consistent performance.

One month in and I was smashing it, my appointments were all coming through, and my average for daily bookings grew to 10. I was booking 10 appointments in 4 hours every day, while the average was 2. I became a call centre celebrity.

People came to me and asked what my secret is.

Perseverance, I said. Everyone else was calling, but were they persevering or just going through the motions deflated?

I persevered with enthusiasm, faith, and decisiveness – and it paid off.

Now, 14 odd years later, the same perseverance is still required.

So, Telemarketing Tip#1 is definitely Perseverance.

When we hit the troughs we need to persevere with Faith and Enthusiasm in the face of darkness and doubt.

So, it’s a very simple Telemarketing Tip. Simple in theory, and simple in application.

But, when the troughs deepen and the heat rises what do you do then?

Telemarketing Tips #1 – Persevere with Faith, Enthusiasm and Decisiveness.

“Yeah, I get that…but what if it’s not working?!”

Telemarketing Tips #1 – Persevere with Faith, Enthusiasm and Decisiveness.


Justin Laju is the Principal at Appointment Setter.

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