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Telemarketing Tips: Tip#2 Enthusiasm

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Telemarketing Tips - Enthusiasm

Telemarketing Tip#2 – Enthusiasm

Telemarketing Tips are gems of wisdom gleaned from many years of experience in Telemarketing Services, Training & Consulting.

So, Telemarketing Tip#2 Enthusiasm

Firstly let’s look at the definition of “enthusiasm”:

noun: enthusiasm
intense and eager enjoyment, interest, or approval.
“her energy and enthusiasm for life”
synonyms: eagerness, keenness, ardour, fervour, warmth, passion, zeal, zealousness, zest, gusto, brio, pep, go, sap, liveliness, vivacity, vivaciousness, energy, verve, vigour, dynamism, vehemence, fire, excitement, exuberance, ebullience, spirit, avidity, avidness

Telemarketing Enthusiasm

Enthusiasm is your buoyancy life vest when it comes to consistently successful telemarketing campaigns. Telemarketing can be a very challenging form of communication for most callers. It is not easy to take repetitive rejection and still maintain an upbeat interest, engagement and commitment to the job.

Telemarketing is one of the most emotionally challenging roles. If you are a sensitive person, you may find it tough going cycling through multiple personalities throughout a given telemarketing shift. It is important to remain grounded and calm.

When prospects meet with a consistently enthusiastic telemarketing operator, they change their own emotional state. Business owners and consumers alike are often caught up in their day, then they get a call from a telemarketing agent. Sometimes people are very confronted by receiving a cold call or unexpected call – it may bring up emotions of resistance and resentment, or it may just make them nervous. But when honest enthusiasm is systematically maintained through every telemarketing call, things happen. People want a leader to follow, and everyone knows that enthusiasm and positive energy is inspiring. People will literally drop their current state of mind and follow the leader toward more enthusiastic ground.

Telemarketing Enthusiasm

Telemarketing Enthusiasm is only a Matter of Perspective

What is a state of mind after all?

Well it certainly isn’t a permanent phenomenon. Throughout a given day, all of us cycle from one state of mind to the next in a continuum of awareness. Our state of mind can change at a seconds notice, particularly with some external influence.

When a well placed telemarketing call connects with a prospect – the caller has the upper hand in the scenario. The well trained telemarketing agent knows that he/she with the highest conviction wins. The individual with the most enthusiasm wins. A lack of enthusiasm will always come second to an abundant enthusiasm.

Enthusiastic or not, you still need all of the boxes ticked in the prospects mind. But, when it comes to enthusiasm, it manifests approval out of thin air.

When a telemarketing agent with integrity connects with a prospect, they feel it. When the right combination of interest, devotion and excitement are employed – the prospects just feel the love. Sure, you can’t close a deal on every single person you call with enthusiasm alone – but the whole point is about influencing those that are likely hand raisers.

In marketing terms a “hand raiser” is a particular profile of individual or prospect that likes to say yes. A hand raiser likes to put his/her hand in the air and say “yes, let’s do it!” Now, naturally you only want to close the hand raisers that actually qualify for your telemarketing requirements. They have to be the correct target and profile. But, either way when enthusiasm is embodied with earnest and zeal – things flow and people follow. They feel the love and they want some.

So it’s all about perspective. Even time is relative to the observer, right? Well perspective is everything, and enthusiasm is a very simple yet powerful key to unlocking perspective and directing it. Albert Einstein said, “You cannot solve a problem with the same level of mind that created it.” And in that is a clue to the way perspective change and enthusiasm have the power to interrupt a current state of mind and transition into a new one.

So, we are not talking about a massive shift of awareness. We don’t need them to see the whole picture, we just need a change of beat.

Let’s take a look at a telemarketing example:

A telemarketing agent places a call to a business owner. The business owner answers the call and realises its a telemarketing call. The business owners perspective shifts to his/her past points of reference. In a split second they categorize the call. Their immediate state of mind went from enthusiasm to guarded anticipation.

So, any shift in perspective is good. The telemarketing agent has the upper hand in that moment. Even though the business owner may be guarded, the fact is they have shifted their perspective in response to the telemarketing call. So, firstly, any shift in perspective is good. Why? Because you have at least mobilised the prospect, you have readied them to make a change, a shift into a new space that you have prepared for them.

So, here’s where enthusiasms contagion comes into power.

If the telemarketing agent proceeds with the right questions (preferably engineered toward “yes” answers), and at the same time employs true enthusiasm – the lock clicks, the guarded nature reduces and the business owner moves to give the Benefit of the Doubt. People give the  benefit of the doubt when they themselves are unsure of what is happening, and they by default reserve their judgement until further evidence presents itself. They know its a telemarketing call, which took them by surprise and maybe defensiveness arose. But, enthusiasm and engineered relevance in the form of well directed leading questions creates a suspension of judgement.

A brief suspended animation period lingers, and enthusiasm cultivates positivity in that space.

You don’t even need to know what enthusiasm really is to know it works, or to know how to use it. You do it automatically when it is something you are passionate about.

When we press on enthusiastically in the face of other people’s doubt – we gain energy. And in the context of a telemarketing call, the caller has the upper hand. The caller has the knowledge of what this call is about, and in the context of decision based communication – this puts the telemarketing agent one step ahead of the business owner or consumer.

So, in maintaining authentic enthusiasm we don’t want to play manipulative mind games with that power. We just want to wield this power with integrity. After all, we only want to attract clients that are suitable for our telemarketing goals. So, it’s all about making sure the correct state of mind is instilled within each and every call so that the actual true prospects are given the best presentation when you do come across them.

So, having mobilised a prospect with enthusiasm – you then need to weave the fabric of commitment, leading the prospect into a “yes” state of mind.

So, then it’s just a case of closing them with enthusiasm. You’ve woven the commitment story by addressing the key aspects of what he/she needs to hear – and then drop the hammer with an enthusiastic…

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