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             Call to Action Telemarketing

The future of all marketing is about relationships.  The very real human relationships that you share with your customers.

Appointment Setter is an outbound business to business Telemarketing Service that takes your business, products, and services directly to your target market.

The old way was to perhaps place an ad in a newspaper or online, hoping that your real customers will see your ad, remember it when they need your services, and be able to find you when they are ready.

The way of the future, the way of Appointment Setter, is to go directly out to your core market and offer your specific business services and products – directly connecting and informing your future customers of what you do and your interest to serve them. 

This direct relationship based approach, followed up with vital information through email, allows your future customers to see and know of your business on more than one occasion.  They will:-

1. hear your company name and have your products/services narrated to them by our expert call team (audio)

2. they will receive an email and have your company details on hand (visual)

3. and they will make an appointment to meet and discuss your offerings (kinesthetic)

Allowing you Three new opportunities to really connect with your core market – three new opportunities to win more business – three new opportunities to grow your business and generate real clients – and three new opportunities to create positive relationships.

Telemarketing is “active” in it’s approach to creating new business.

Appointment Setter’s Telemarketing services reach your target market at all levels of the buying cycle:

Awareness Phase – before they even know they want what you offer, we make them aware of you.

Interest Phase – just when they are interested in what you’re offering, we direct that interest to you.

Evaluation Phase – right when they are evaluating your kind of product or service, we introduce your business to the prospect.

Commitment Phase – and importantly, right when they are ready to commit, we spotlight your products or services. 

For that reason, our services are perfect for building new business pipelines.  We nurture new business relationships.  We create solid tangible new growth.  And we produce strong return on investment.

Our call centre client base is as diverse as the nature of the calls that we make for them.  Appointment Setter is focused on generating new business for our clients by telemarketing their target markets.  We can present your products and services for a variety of target objectives:

Call to Action Telemarketing

Call to Action TelemarketingCall to Action telemarketing is aimed at creating awareness in your target market.  A call to action prompts them to respond in a particular manner.  You may want them to visit your company website, call you directly, or walk into your store.  Call to action telemarketing is promotional and is designed to inspire prospects to engage your business in whatever way suits your business model and offering.

Telesales Telemarketing

Telesales Teleamarketing CampaignsTelesales telemarketing generates sales over the telephone.  Telesales is a specialist skill that requires tact, determination, focus, and serious rapid rapport building skills. Make the call, convince the prospect and close the deal.  This form of telemarketing is  very popular for services and products that suit this type of sales profile.  The transactions are made over the telephone or internet.  Payments can be made via invoice or credit card.

Lead Generation Telemarketing

Lead Generation TelemarketingLead Generation telemarketing is aimed at uncovering qualified prospects for you to follow up and make sales.  We call your target markets and present your offering.  We collect information and interest for you or your sales team to close the deal.  We “separate the wheat from the chaff”, so that you can bake it.  Lead Generation telemarketing takes the hard work out of sales.  We deliver “warm” and “hot” leads to your business so that you can focus on what you do best.

Appointment Setting Telemarketing

Appointment SettingAppointment Setting telemarketing uncovers opportunities for you to meet new qualified prospects.  Telemarketing to set appointments is the future of relationship building.  Appointment Setting is a very tangible method to create new leads and business relationships.


We perform telemarketing campaigns for businesses all over Australia:

Telemarketing Sydney

Telemarketing Melbourne

Telemarketing Brisbane

Telemarketing Perth


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