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Zen and The Art of Cold Calling for New Business

Zen and The Art of Telemarketing

by Justin Laju

Even since I was a child I had that knack of just talking to people. I’d strike up conversations with everyone and anyone willing, and I was a great conversationalist. I had heart. And, when you have heart, your heart constantly and incessantly inspires you to connect with, engage and enjoy other people with a pure and simple relishing oneness. You love people, like they are you from another angle, from another point of view. In this self loving interaction you receive yourself back from what seems so outside of you.

Cold calling is a lot like that. That is to say that, the best cold calling I’ve ever seen, is a lot like that – its about one connective loving experience after another – it just flows. The more good calls you make, the greater the wave of compassion that surfs along with you.

I think that the single biggest objection to Cold Calling that people have is similar, irrespective of which side of the telephone call you are sitting. It’s about the experience of the unexpected, unmeasurable, unknown call, arriving and birthing itself over the telephone. I’ve noticed over the years, cold calling people day in and day out, that it is this birthing “trauma” is almost standard. I now feel that, linked back to our own subconscious primordial fear of nothingness and the infinite potential, there is a kind of fight/flight response elicited by almost every cold call.

I’m ½ a second into a cold call, and I can hear the unconscious mind of my respondent. It’s eliciting responses from his conscious mind already as my voice hurtles along the copper telephone line.

“What can I do for you?,” The voice says.

But that’s not all I hear. I can hear, “who are you? Go away I don’t want this, Why are you calling me? Did I ask for you to call me, do I know you?.., how did you get my number?”…

I hear all of this and a trifle more in the chasm of time just prior to the eyebrows pursed half-rebuttal “What can I do for you”.

And, in an instant, my unconscious mind has already delivered the Trojan horses route to me. I can see my path.

I feel the guy on the other end of the line thinking, this is a sales call – this guy feels really bright and happy to be herewhy the hells he calling me, let’s shut him down.

So I grab all of this heaving sensory data streaming, beyond light speed, through my emotions and mind, and I’m like – thrust force onto some makeshift railway station with a train about to embark and I press myself forward and think this is my vision, I overlay my vision upon reality and [out of my mouth comes..]:“Hi Barry, It’s Justin calling from Appointment Setter, how are you?

“Appointment Centre? What’s Appointment Centre?”, muffles Barry, over the crackly line.

I can feel the tension of Barry’s unconscious mind pulling at me for information. The universe in my lower abdomen is swirling and heaving as Barry’s inner worlds meet with mine. I can feel the uneasy infinite rising in his mind as he ponders what this could be, and as he feels me through the ether between us his unconscious is fascinated to distraction, which gets the conscious mind suspended in a gaffled limbo.

Immediately I feel, come back to self now – this is your reality, you are the creator – go with your reality, it doesn’t matter what he heard. Who are you?

“Hi, is that Barry?”

“Yes,” said Barry – now even more suspended. I can feel his consciousness more aligned with me that his previous reality now. And I can feel more of his virtue energy as he exclaims with the positively aligned, “Yes.”

“That’s great!” I say. “Hi Barry, it’s Justin calling from APPOINTMENT SETTER!….How are you, well?” I said with the crisp clear tongue of an ancient orator.

“Yes thanks”, he says – and my unconscious shifts again with the further encroachment into virtue with the second “yes”. I can feel his inner disposition becoming more positive, aligning with me more, and within that there’s a growing familiarity – his inner world is beginning to mirror mine now. I can feel it polarising against his, still slightly negative, conscious mind, building momentum and wanting to be with me.

“That’s 2 good yes’s”, I think, as I say: ”That’s great, Barry! It’s just a quick chat…are you the person in charge of Marketing? Already knowing that he is the person in charge of Marketing I can feel the third yes overthrow the conscious minds resistance brought up by the question.

I feel Barry try to scoop up his customary negativity at such a question. But, without even knowing why he now feels positive within and without and then feels his own resistance dissipates as he answers with a third “Yes!?”

Barry, not sure what just happened but feeling better, is now all ears listening loudly.

“That’s Great, Barry!” I say.

Now I feel a lot better, I’ve transcended in a split second all of Barry’s inner cold calling demons. As his energy comes into compassion, I feel like the dawning sun, shining brightly once more. I can hear my own thoughts again like rays of sunshine licking my universe – we are in rapport. But he’s mirroring me, he’s coming with me already, and I can feel the pitch burgeoning forth from within now.

I’m centred again. I can now feel the whole phone call from beginning to end, Alpha and Omega. And, far in the distance of our co-creation (mine and Barry’s short cold call), I can feel “Yes, there’s a lead here….Now, for the revelation”. I realise at this point that there must be thousands of small business owners out there that have great difficulty jumping on the phone and cold calling for new business. It’s so much easier when you apply empathy to feel what people want, what they need, and realise that people are a mix of conflicting energies that seek leadership in the form of conviction and competence.

“My name’s Justin Laju, I’m the principal at Appointment Setter! It’s just a quick chat about an Appointment Setting Trial for your business…”

I stay rooted to the earth now, as I feel Barry rise and rear up like an unbroken stallion. I feel him wobble and seethe, as a bursting negative energy breaks forth upon his temporarily positive stasis. I learned early in my telemarketing career that the calmer, more centred and full of positive energies I was, the better my successes in cold calling were. I was practicing zen meditation at the time. I found that when I meditated on OM in my break it would put me in a highly charged state, and when I resumed calls I would be more successful.

“Riiight…?”, says Barry with an uncustomary patience. He’s now a mix of patient dubiousness and he’s consciously impressed with where I’ve just taken him to. I then hear him subvocally posit “Ok, I’m impressed with your presence, you have my attention. I hope this is good for me?”. I can feel an inner part of him wagging his tail at me now, like a pup cajoling a dog with balls.

“What kind of Appointment Setting?”, asks Barry. I can feel us both now, as if on the tips of our toes, suspended on the point of creation for a fleeting moment.

“Appointment Setter is an Outbound, business to business, Telemarketing & Appointment Setting service.” I say.  “We make business to business calls to your potential customers setting appointments for you to gain new clients. Will you be looking for new clients this year?”

“Well, yes of course. We’re always looking for new clients. What kind of prospects is the question?” Retorts Barry.

I can feel him now, on my side. He wants me to offer him something he can unwrap and keep.

“Well that very much depends on what you are offering, Barry! What type of clients are you looking for?” I say.

“Well we’re only business to business, but we’re dealing with small to medium businesses mainly.”

“Well we will create a new business pipeline for you, and set appointments for you to speak with or go and visit new qualified prospects with an interest in your service. We just need to know a little more about what qualifies a good prospect for you. We then compile targeted lists (or you can supply one) and call your potential customers to start generating some new relationships” I can feel Barry taking in the seed of the idea.

“And, if small to medium businesses is your target market, well that is where we get the most positive and numerous results from. Small to medium business are yet to grow into oak trees, so they are far more open to trying new approaches and they are actively setting up new relationships to help them grow their businesses. Is that the kind of business profile you’d seek to deal with?”

“Well, yes,” he says. “But they need to have x,y and z! Or, we’re just not interested!” Barry is with me now, he’s giving me information. He’s not expecting too much, but he’s willing to open a dialogue.

“Well, we actually are working on a similar campaign for another client presently. And, we’re finding that prospects that do need your service, and have x, y and z – seem to be very eager to meet with new suppliers, and our clients conversion rate has been very positive so far.” I said.

I was now feeling confident that I had chosen the right market to speak with. Barry could feel my inner knowing, and I could feel his blossoming desire to find out more.

“Well, look, I’m in a meeting right now so why don’t you just send across some details and I’ll have a think about it!” He said.

“Ok, Barry. What’s the best email to reach you on?” He gives me his personal email.

“What I will do for you, Barry. Because I know that Appointment Setting works very well in your sector, is send you a quick quotation! Take a look over it, and I’ll come back to you for a quick chat after your meeting” I can hear my inner self tell me that was pretty pushy, but I argue back that it was time to push past the tipping point.

“Ok”, he says.

I compile our conversation into a campaign synopsis, fire off a quotation from my Contact Relationship Management (CRM) system, and move straight to the next call.

Cold calling is an art form. It is the perfect platform for personal development in that it challenges us to be the best we can be, or sink. But there is one thing that distinguishes success from failure, and that is positive energy. People like experiencing positive energy as much as they are apt at whipping up negative energy toward things or experiences they don’t like.

Cold calling is an art form centred in feeling what people want, hearing their inner dialogue as it were your own, listening to what they say, and allowing your unconscious to deliver back to them what they want to hear. Beyond that it’s about staying positive. People generally find it very challenging to move through their own inner dialogue and emotions, and so are often flattened by the onslaught of a cold calling stint to generate new business relationships.

But the statistics do not lie. Cold call telemarketing is a very popular and lucrative lead generation tool. More and more businesses are embracing it every day. One thing is certain, if you do pick up the phone to cold call, your own thoughts, words, and beliefs will create your reality. The trick is to keep to your path and not be swayed by your audience. Stay calm, centred and positive, and may the force be with you.

Justin Laju is the Principal at Appointment Setter.

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