Appointment Setting For Financial Planning & Property Investment

Appointment Setting for Financial Planners & Property Advisors

Financial Planning Appointment Setting

There are important subtleties that go unmentioned when it comes to setting appointments specifically for financial planners. We have over 16 years of direct experience setting up appointments for financial planners, and it’s a specific art that we understand intimately.

Every financial planner is a little bit different in how they like their appointments angled, their prospects positioned and their process crafted. Financial planning is a journey, and that journey needs to elicit desire, trust, credibility, and provide a clear path to take each financial planning lead from where they are now to where they want to be.

We see financial planners as that perfect mix of hunter and farmer, and there is always a different level of conservatism or  passion that needs to be instilled   in every prospect to match it with the personality profile and selling style of each financial planner.

Property Investment Appointment Setting

Property Investment Appointment setting is very popular in Australia. Many people are easily swayed by the attractive taxation, mortgage benefits, and possibility to retire early that most property investment advisors can offer them.

Every property investment advisor has a different personality style, way of dealing with property investment leads, and underlying property investment service and product.

Property investment advisors tend to be a more hunter based profile, and that requires a subtle understanding of buy psychology to ensure that each property investment lead is well positioned for a sale.

Unlike the financial planning process, and yet similar, the property investment appointment setting process is all about the benefits of property investment and the hand hold to help investors achieve their goals.

Positioning Financial Planning & Property Investment Prospects For Appointments That Close.

We have been helping financial planners and property investment advisors setup their appointments for over 16 years now, and the one thing that stands out to us is the need to have a well positioned prospect. Whether the prospect wants to buy property or wants to do a financial plan, the process is similar, but different in subtle ways. Ultimately, the more we can understand the prospects fears, pain, frustrations, aspirations and goals, the more we can open them up and get them ready for your sale.

Honest, open communication and education oriented enquiry tends to smooth up the mental and emotional mechanics inside the minds and hearts of financial planning and property investment prospects.

When we can base appointments on open, clear, honest and amiable conversations we set the course for a journey of desire and demand to unfold.

We open all conversations with a focus on the prospects needs and concerns, as this is all about them. Then we focus upon the advisors profile and how it facilitates their journey to take them from where they are now to where they want to be. Really the underlying products are a third consideration for prospects. they are in love with their own pain and want to fall in love with freedom from it.

So, really the whole conversation is about projected and prospective and potential resolution. Desire to achieve freedom from pain toward financial freedom and the lifestyle they want to live is what they are looking for, and the financial services and investment options and specifics should always be safety imbuing peaks below the surface of their waters. The lapping of these services and products up against the idea that they can achieve freedom and security is a subtle seduction based on actualities, probabilities, and billable profitabilities for our clients.

It’s our job to imbue this sensual underlying potency within a psychological and mental framework of responsiveness to mutual needs that suggests a story of success and achievement beyond the norm.

Appointment Setting is then a result of fit rather than an aim, and that is the secret sauce that makes prospects feel honoured, that the power is ultimately in their hands, and that you as the advisor will help them actualise that at the appointments we will set for you.


Appointment Setting

Find out more about our appointment setting for financial planning leads and property investment leads. We have been doing this for a long time now, and you'll be blown away by how easy and profitable your life will become...

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