Financial Planning Leads

Financial Planning Leads

Financial Planning Leads by Appointment Setter are specifically crafted with the full spectrum services financial planning business in mind. Our financial planning leads are high return on investment financial planning leads that take a wholistic approach to the conversation with financial planning leads prospects. We are famous for creating financial planning leads.

We are the only Financial Planning Leads service in Australia that also books in the appointments with quality appointment setting services, and we specialise in financial planning.

We have been studying and enacting the fine art of generating high return on investment financial planning leads for 16 years now. Since the explosion of Facebook and social media as a superb avenue for procuring highly motivated financial planning leads, we have succeeded with every financial planning leads campaign. Every single financial planning leads campaign that we do ALWAYS generated high quality leads and return on investment, and EVERY SINGLE CLIENT WE HAVE DONE BUSINESS WITH IS STILL WITH US!

The key to generating massive revenue with our hot financial planning leads comes down to integrity, experience, timing, and relevance. Placing the right offer in front of the right people at the right time…

Financial Planning Leads for Investment, Tax, and Risk Strategies

Wholistic Financial Planning Leads

Financial Planning Leads that Cater to a diverse range of client needs always attract a much higher return on investment for financial planning businesses.

Investment Strategies, inside super or outside super, tax minimisation strategies, and insurance strategies of various kinds all allow multiple income streams to be leveraged from financial planning clients.

Property Investment Leads

Property Investment Financial Planning Leads Strategies

Not all financial planners or all financial planning leads need to offer property investment strategies, but it is certainly a popular option for our financial planning leads. Whether you sell property, outsource property services, or would prefer to focus on other forms of investment or financial planning services, the key is options and diversification of our procurement strategy to ensure high returns.

For financial planners that do assist their clients in procuring property investments our financial planning leads are a great option. We can create property investment specific leads if that is your specialty, but our financial planning leads can often lead to property investment deals or the client can be lead towards other forms of wealth creation to suit their particular needs.

Superannuation Financial Planning Leads

Super Reviews

We can either create super review leads specifically or allow them to be a part of a diversified financial planning leads approach. Super review is a great entry point to a financial planning leads financial needs and can lead to a full service statement of advice and multiple revenue streams per client.

SMSF Setup

Many financial planners want SMSF Leads to do the actual setup of self managed super accounts for their clients, some financial planners outsource it, and some don’t go near it. whatever your needs and preferred income stream preferences are, we can create financial planning leads that suit. You may even want to avoid super all together in preference to other investment services.

Financial Planning Leads

We Produce the Highest Return On investment Financial Planning Leads in Australia. Our prospects usually have $150k+ Income & $250K+ Super and are open to a range of financial planning services.

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