Investment Property Leads

Investment Property Leads are a great way to generate new property sales for investment property advisors. Income & Equity balance and not too much debt is always the target when it comes to creating a strong pipeline of potential investment property buyers.

We run lead and calling campaigns to generate investment property leads and appointments. this way we procure investment property prospects that want to actually buy, and are motivated by the real benefits of buying an investment property. People want to buy and investment property because they trust a tangible investment. But, they usually want to do it for other reasons like saving on their mortgage and reducing tax.

Appealing to investment property leads the right way is what makes it a lead with a prospect rather just a contact. Something that leads to a sale is what we are looking for.

We get interested investment property leads, property buyers waiting for an appointment with an investment property advisor. They are motivated and they want to buy investment properties for the cash flow and government incentives.

Most of our investment property advisors are small operators that need quality leads to attend in-home investment property sales.

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Our Investment property Leads are Motivated to Pay Off Their Mortgage Faster, Reduce Their Tax, and Retire Early... and they confirm to have $100k+ Income &from $150k to $250k Equity...

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