Property Investments Leads

Property Investment Leads

Property Investment Leads

Investment Property Leads is our specialty at Appointment Setter, it’s what we do best. Our property investment leads are the best we have ever used.

We have been creating investment property leads & investment property appointments for 15 years now, and we know what works…and shun what doesn’t.

We create investment property leads for some of the largest property investment companies and financial planning dealer groups in Australia.

Appointment Setter principal, Justin Laju, was so good at creating investment property leads that he started studying to become a financial planner about 12 years ago. However, his skill at creating hot live leads for property investment, and his ability to produce high return on investment appointment setting in the property investment sector, caused him to stay focuses upon investment property lead generation.

Justin quickly learned that most investment property leads generation companies are money hungry, lacking in integrity and heart. Investment property leads need to be exclusive if there is going to be a good chance of conversion to sale.

In short, Justin has spent 15 years pulling his hair out with less than scrupulous lead generators. After being let down so many times he determined that the only thing to do was to bring more love to the lead generation industry.

That realisation changed everything. Appointment Setter is now creating and supplying live leads, and in particular live investment property leads.

Investment Property Lead Sources

Raw data died a few years ago.

In the time before the GFC hit, raw data and survey data was great – the people were keen, the leads were cheap, and the telemarketing and appointment setting job was pretty easy.

The shit then hit the fan, and everyone’s fear threshold upsurged into their conscious impressions around financial services, and certainly property. The lending scenario got very tough too…

These days the lending scenario is getting much tighter, but when you find the right people – everything gushes.

We only run property campaigns with hot, live, opt-in, exclusive data created specifically for you and your needs.

We create investment property leads for appointment setting purposes via the following channels:

1. Facebook Marketing & Facebook Investment Property Lead Generation

Facebook has surpassed “Page One of Google” for capturing high quality investment property leads. Our Facebook generated leads have that certain x-factor vibe, ethos, rapport based energy coating that just makes you smile. The people are warmed up, they have just been co-mingling with “friends” and respond to engaging “call to action” offers that appeal to the qualifiers within them that you are looking for.

The ball is always moving with lead generation, but at present our Facebook Leads are superb for property. Now, I’m not sure where your investment property lead journey has swung you to – but we take what we do very seriously.

The best part of these leads is the vibrant, qualified, and Facebook rapport/engagement quality – you will love them. The leads are generally speaking very qualified, and very interested. This is because we target and strategise intensely, to ensure both quality and quantity of leads. Advisors can set the appointments themselves with these leads, or we can set, or coach you to set them better – drastically minimising the required calling hours/resources.


Investment Property Leads Qualifiers

Every company has unique requirements with regard to the qualifiers they need to have in place to ensure that the leads generated for them are suitable. Most of our clients want the following qualifiers for their leads and appointments:

  1. Home Owners (or paying a mortgage).
  2. Income of at least $100k/pa (many of our clients want $100k+ or more).
  3. Available Equity of at least $150k/pa (many of our clients want $100k+ or more).
  4. Have an interest in investing in property.
  5. Have an interest in paying off their mortgage faster.
  6. Have an interest in the tax benefits of property investment.
  7. Don’t have high levels of non-mortgage debt.
  8. Don’t have “too many” children or dependents.
  9. Are geographically located within the target postcode region.
  10. Are willing to accept an in-home or in-office appointment with both partners/spouses present.

Case Study Example With Our Investment Property Leads

Example Campaign Results

A property investment company required employed home owners with $100k equity, $100k combined income, an interest in paying their home off faster, and an interest in investing in property to create passive income.

We converted 50% of their Facebook Leads on the very first call, and another 20% after a few follow up calls. Another 5% were converted to appointment within a week or two from capture.

The conversion rate to sale was very high for this particular client (they are very good at sales), usually hovering at around 10% conversion to sale.

Investment Property Lead Engagement Level

If you engage them they will come, but what is “engagement”?

If a given person is compelling, charismatic, and offer a lot to other people on a number of levels – we tend to appreciate that quality, and we are far more likely to engage them in conversation and other activities. Lead generation, telemarketing and appointment setting are the same in that regard. The more compelling your offer in the lead gen advert, in the landing page, and in the content of the appointment setting call – the more engaging your proposal will be, and the more people will want to play.

If you offer a lot, you will attract a lot – straight up. If you are great at attracting clients in all other activities, your lead generation and appointment setting should follow suit naturally.

So, to close these “If’s” into reality – create a very compelling offer in your underlying product/service, which means knowing the “key benefit” appeals of your business and leading with that. It is better to lead with the underlying benefits of your actual product and engage prospects based on that value proposition.

Investment Property Leads & Appointment Setting

Whether you want investment property lead generation only, need appointment setting coaching, or you want us to do the actual appointment setting calls for you too – you will love these leads. You’ll love us too, we’re heart-based and do it all with passionate integrity, and efficiency.

We’ve been setting investment property appointments for 15 years now, we know what leads work.

Property Investment Leads

Our Property Investment Leads have $100k+ Income & $150k+ Equity, and want to pay off their mortgages faster, reduce tax and retire early and are created on a white label basis specifically for your needs via Facebook...

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