Telemarketing is still around and that’s because it is still pumping in great results.

The statistics on the effectiveness of telemarketing would make you feel you can just pick up the phone and make calls. But, telemarketing has changed considerably over the last decade. It requires skills.

Telemarketing is a formula, and that formula looks like a lot of calls, the right mental framework, and the application of will toward a specific outcome.

B2B Telemarketing. If you are looking for telemarketing for a business to meet other business decision makers, it needs to be approached its own way. Every product is different to the telemarketing angle, ethos, pace and expectation.

B2C Telemarketing. When you are telemarketing with a consumer in mind your market is much larger and perhaps you need greater reach.

Either way, telemarketing is like the shark and the crocodile. They have been here way longer than any of us, and they always find food, their nervous systems are different. They are effective at what they need to do , they do it, and they move on. When you need clients to feed your business, telemarketing is a foundational marketing form that can grow a business from the ground up.

Survival is at the root to all of us, it’s what drives us from the mind to the toes, and Telemarketing is the irreplaceable backbone of many growing organisations. Telemarketing pulls at the survivalist dream in humans, it elicits the notions of what we want, clambers to serve them and people move. People move because to inspire is to cause aspiration, and when you make people aspire that were not aspiring previously, you create action.

There is no greater call to action than a voice in your ear saying shallop we do this? You said you want it, you’re ready, let’s do it?!

We get in their ears and already they are almost a customer for you…is it the power of listening or speaking? Either way, telemarketing has a magic to it. A hustle. It’s an opportunity to bring people together that are at wits to meet each other but really should.

We’ve worked with clients for over 15 years helping them achieve consistent results with telemarking. I’ve earned my clients hundreds of millions with telemarketing over a few decades. We just see it continue to yield.

You need more customers. We call customers. We signup or set appointments for you with your customers. You meet your customers. we all smile about telemarketing.

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